When Fashion Meets Technology, Only The Awesomeness Will Survive

Sci Fi Fashion Is In Our Midst

sci fi
Frog Design Inc

Frog Design Inc. will be discussing some futuristic concepts of wearable drones  at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, from March 13 to March 17. This is the year that Fashion & Wearable Tech will debut which will explore new ties between fashion, art, culture and technology.

sci fi2
Frog Design Inc

Imagine a small stylish couture blade-shaped drone on your necklace,while walking down that downtown street. It starts tor rain but girl, you wont be needing an umbrella because your necklace piece will fan out and fly above your head spinning fast enough to keep you dry.

Or picture yourself having a bracelet-mounted device that looks like a hokey disc that takes off to lead the way when you’re lost. And for those living in those awfully polluted areas, what if there was a wearable gadget that can be worn on the shoulder that will hover in front of your mouth automatically when air-pollution levels rise enough to conflict with your health.

“We are slowly getting to the point where technology can keep the promise that science-fiction authors have made, and  you are seeing these first steps. We are at that stage where the reality catches up with imagination.”- Roger Entner (analyst at Recon Analytics LLC)

Frog’s designer Adam Pruden, says drones are the future and will eventually replace mobile phones as we know them. For him and for Frog Design, sky is the limit.

“We are starting to add technology to clothes, to textiles, to watches,” Pruden said. “Fashion is a new interface.”

Source: Business Off Fashion