When A Marriage Ends, Is It A Failure?

What Is NOT To Be Considered A Fail Marriage

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

What do you see when the term “perfect marriage” comes to mind? Does one not think about an elderly couple celebrating their 30th anniversary together? We’ve come to equate longevity with good and successful marriages.  However, there are plenty of people who stayed “till death do us part” were, and still are absolutely miserable with each other. Keep an open mind, and don’t let social portrayal of a successful marriage ruin what really is success. It’s important to recognize that some relationships can end with dignity and integrity, and be appreciated for what they were without being viewed as a failure.

A myriad of couples raised their children together, bought a home together, buried their parents together, helped each other through those tough together. It’s cruel and unjust to say that if it ends, then it’s a failure. No, this couldn’t be much farther from the truth.  Some marriages just fall out of love, but the partners still stay connected because they have children and experience divorce as simply a reorganization of the family. Some couples who choose to end their marriage take with them the richness of their relationship and what they created. They choose to remember all the good memories together, it was NOT a waste of time.

Inspired by EstherPerel