“All I did was went to Walgreens, got the Plan B pill. They gave me an extra $100 for that.” — Michelle, AKA “Brooklyn Daniels”


Watch the trailer below for the Netflix provocative documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” produced by Rashida Jones that sheds light on the booming amateur porn industry and the young girls who have no clue what they’re in for.

This film takes viewers inside the world of young adult film stars after the camera stops rolling. “The film was created to not only expose this appalling business but to serve as a warning to teens and parents that good opportunities, particularly online, are never what they seem,” Netflix said in a statement.

Seen throughout the documentary is a lack of education about birth control and pregnancy. Because California state law requires the use of condoms in porn, many in the industry have flocked to Miami where it’s only legally required to receive regular STI and STD testing. Many girls, however, are not using any form of birth control and are sometimes paid extra for Plan B, which, if taken too often, can result in permanent fertility problems.

Here are some other quotes from the girls in the film:

“There we go. The degrading thing. Me, that I do it on camera to somebody who’s faking it or that guy or that woman who’s been working at that company, busting their ass for shitty benefits?” — Jade, AKA “Ava Kelly”


“This can’t be good for you to have sex that much. With so many different people. Oof. It’s so weird that it’s my job.” — Karly, AKA “Lucy Tyler”


“I only made $25,000 in four months. And after I got out of porn, I had $2000 left in my bank account.” — Tressa, AKA “Stella May”


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