Nearly 1 and 3 tween girls have dieted. Unhealthy diet messages disguised as entertainment is rampant and teaching our girls at a young age to question, and even loathe their bodies.  The video above shows how tweens really feel about “dietainment.” Ad Age reports that Cheerios is urging girls to avoid dieting — the latest example of a marketer using female empowerment in ads.

The TV commercial above is debuting this week in Canada for Multi-Grain Cheerios and features young girls who are bombarded with dieting messages in the popular media, which the spot derides as “Dietainment.”

“The response from consumers was unbelievably positive and gave us confidence that we were headed in the right direction,” said Amanda Hsueh, associate marketing director of cereal for General Mills Canada, stated on a corporate blog. “Our latest initiative was driven by a realization – as much as people can try to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle and set a good example for their children, there’s a relentless external force that threatens all of those efforts.”

Right now the ad campaign is only in Canada.  No word on when or if it will launch in the U.S.


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