Top Female Comedians Talk Sexism, Racism, & Wearing a Vagina “Patch”

Here are some funny and provocative quotes from The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable of badass women in comedy with Lena Dunham, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ellie Kemper, Kate McKinnon, Gina Rodriguez,  and Amy Schumer.

On What Can and Can’t Be Said:

“So, what’s your policy on ‘pussy’?”…Amy Schumer

On If There is Something You Would Never Do For a Laugh:

“I Would Never Suck a Dick For A Laugh.”…Schumer,

“I Would Never f— Someone.”…Dunham,

“I Stopped Wearing The Nude Patch After The First Season of Girls, There’s Not One Guy Who Works On The Show Who Hasn’t Seen the Inside of My Vagina.”…Dunham

On Why Women Are So Absent From Late Night:

“Because We Get Our Periods at Night”…Amy Schumer

“I love Stephen Colbert, he’s a genius, but CBS [couldn’t] take the David Letterman slot and hire somebody who represented even an ounce of diversity? Also, when they got James Corden — another guy I love — there was this joke, “We’ve run out of white men here, we have to import them from England.” There is no shortage of established women who’ve been on the comedy circuit for years. It bums me out that someone like Kathy Griffin was relegated to Fashion Police.”…Leah Dunham

On Typecasting and Being a Woman of Color in Hollywood:

“Working on a film is one job where you look at a casting breakdown and I’ll think, That’s me! But she’s not supposed to be black…But I go for them anyway.”…Tracee Ellis Ross

Check out the rest of the roundtable discussion with these incredible women at The Hollywood Reporter.


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