Things We Wish Men Would Stop Doing

Just Stop…

Just because we love our boyfriends doesn’t mean we need to like them at times. There are a lot of things that can get on a woman’s nerves, and these are things we just wish our men would stop doing!’

Their Strange Obsession With Fantasy Football

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Boyfriends have become obsessed with their teams which takes dozens of hours online, mixed with ridiculous group texts and extra time sucked into their cell phone. We are SO over it.

Farting In Front Of Us

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Its good that they might feel comfortable with us, but can’t it wait until you go to the bathroom or something? EWWWWWWW -_-

Making Fun Of Our Shows

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I swear if you criticize my housewives show one more time… No one says anything about your stupid dumb downed shows!

Always Wanting It In The Morning

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Guys get morning wood. We get it. Unfortunately for you there is no such thing as morning moist. We don’t want it that bad in the morning. Next please

Being Lazy Around The House

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We are not your mothers, its not our jobs to  pick up your nasty socks.

Double Standards

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Who knows how men can go a really long time without responding to a phone call or text message. God forbid you don’t respond to him immediately and he gets all whiny and keeps texting and calling you asking where you are. The neediness is real.

Cupping Himself All Day Long

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We don’t know what it’s like to have that junk so maybe we don’t understand, but it’s pretty gross when you’re constantly grabbing at your sweaty business.