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The Unstoppable Cardi B Talks From the Heart About Teenage Rebellion, Stripping and Family

It’s been an extraordinary year for Cardi B, the woman who keeps beating the odds. Last summer’s smash, “Bodak Yellow,” catapulted her to the top of the Billboard charts, and she became the first female rapper to have three Billboard #1 singles. She’s just earned five Grammy nominations for her latest album, “Invasion of Privacy.” The Bronx native talks with correspondent Maurice DuBois about her very public persona, from her early years as a stripper, feud with Cardi B, split with her husband Offset of Migos, to her social media presence.

“You just gotta be yourself,” she told CBS’s Maurice DuBois. “When I talk, I make a lot of mistakes. Like, I might say words, and the words are not even in the dictionary! But people still like it, because you can tell that I’m saying it from the heart.”

via CBS Sunday Morning

Cardi B walked DuBois through her old New York stomping grounds during the segment. “When I was, like, 17, practically almost turning 18 and everything, I got kicked outta my house. I was, like, a very rebellious teenage,”, she says

Cardi talked about getting fired from her job at a Tribeca grocery store and then immediately getting hired at the Manhattan strip club Satin Dolls: “I went the next day, and I got hired at the spot. And literally in five hours I made my whole check or a little bit more.”

via CBS Sunday Morning

She has no regrets about her past as an exotic dancer, revealing she learned a lot of lasting life lessons from the women at Satin Dolls in Manhattan, New York.

“A lot of women here, they taught me to be more powerful.  I did gain, like, a passion and love (for) performing. It made me feel pretty… I’m glad for this chapter in my life. A lot of people always want to make fun of me – ‘Oh, you used to be a stripper!’ – I don’t ever regret it, because I learned a lot.”

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