The Truths About Your Life

The Things You Learn From The Mistakes In Life

They say that with wisdom comes great power. And this couldn’t be more true. There are things you learn throughout your life that just can’t be completely understood, not until you’ve experienced them on your own.

Some of the things you will learn or have already learned include:

Waited too long to start saving

You’ve done everything you could to secure your future, and have given your youth for it. Look, it doesn’t take 6 college degrees and a fortune in order to secure your future. Hell, even your future isn’t secure because god forbid, tomorrow may be your last day. The most sure fire way to save for your future is slowly over the years. Even if you feel like you’ll never be old in your 20s, the day will come when you wish you had started saving a little earlier.

Rushing into marriage

If you don’t know and love yourself, how are you to love somebody else! One of the biggest mistake from your 30s is to commit to marriage before you know everything about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time while deciding who to settle down with, take time with this big decision.

Its not really your career

Imagine having spent thousands on something people told you that you would love to do? Make sure you know what you love to do before you dedicate your life to it. That’s how you get people jumping off sky scrapers.

Ignoring finances

Many people regret not paying attention to their finances. Grab an agenda and get to it! Even if you don’t value a retirement, a small savings cushion can make all the difference when life grows unpredictable.

Ignoring your health

Start caring for yourself early on in life. No one will look after your health but you.Most people coming out of their 30s regret not getting active earlier, as natural aches and pains come soon after this decade.

Partying too much

Leaving your direction in life up to the future can also be a mistake. Many people have spent their youth on pleasure, leaving the future in “God’s Hands”. Your 30s should be about discovery, but too much carelessness is a recipe for an unstable, chaotic future. 

Neglecting your relationships

Ignoring the best people in our lives can be another big mistake in your 30s. As we age, our relationships are the most valuable thing we can have.  Who wants to be 50 with no family and friends? Making time for those closest to you during your 30s is essential for a full life. 

Inspired by Lifehack