The Things That Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Work Out For 2 Weeks

Two weeks of being gym-free doesn’t seem like a long break, but the physical effects on our bodies can make it feel this way.

You’ll need to work extra hard to gain what you’re losing.

When you go from an active lifestyle, to just not having any activity at all you will feel the difference. And when you try to get yourself into that activeness again, you’ll need to work extra hard.

Fitness level and muscle strength take “double the amount of time you took off” in order to return to what they once were.

If two weeks went by and you didn’t sweat once, you’ll have to eat, breathe and sleep exercise for an entire month to get your endurance back.

You’ll be more likely to want Mcdonald’s

This is a fact of life: You’re more likely to say “f*ck it” and pick up a burger at McDonald’s when you’ve skipped the gym.

“Comfort foods” are a result of a lack of positive influence on mood, energy and stamina.

Your metabolism increases when you’re regularly exercising, and since you’re burning more calories, you end up consuming more in order to maintain enough energy.

You’ll keep yourself awake.

By not releasing your stress during your workouts, you’ll be more than likely to stay up worried about how you’re going to pay off your credit card and pay next month’s rent. You’re going to lie awake at night, irritable, cooking up the worst possible scenarios.

Source: EliteDaily