What Men Think While Going Down On You

Image : Women’s Health Mag


The part of a man’s brain that is linked to rationalizing, reasoning, common sense is basically shut down the second  a woman’s  pants come off. Their thoughts literally become: ” Naked woman. Must touch.”

This slightly changes when they start go down on you because, suddenly, we have a goal. They need a strategy. In that moment, here’s what your guy is likely to be thinking.

 Whoa. Great Angle.
It’s underboob city down here. You look fantastic. This for them is a total Kodak moment.

Oh, No. It’s Stubble.
Those little one-sixteenth-inch hairs hurt. Before your next hook-up, a shave would be nice. Or maybe a wax? As their faces are down there, it might feel like sandpaper.

I Sure Hope This Pays Off in a Blowjob.
One giveth and one receiveth, right? Right?!

Wait…Was That an Orgasm?
When guys get off, you know it. First there’s the battle cry, and then there’s the stain on the sheets. But with women a man can never be totally positive. Plus, they know we’re prone to faking it. They hope we’re being sincere this time.

So, Um, Am I Done Here?
If the man didn’t get you off, but you are ready to move on, they want to know ASAP. They can’t wait to go on to the main course.

 Or Maybe We Should Turn This Party Into a 69.

If you plan to keep them  down here for a while, keep in mind that he’s going to be really antsy to get some too. If you’re not ready to move on, they’re ready for teamwork and do a 69.

Inspired by  Women’s Health Mag