The Rules Of Taking A Screen Shot

Rules Of Taking Screenshots And Its Proper Etiquette

By now, most of us have received a hilarious text, or have experienced some sort of LMFAO moment while being on a cellphone or computer. It is only fair that you share this hilariousness with the world, correct?

Well just in case that screen shot you are planning to publish goes viral and everyone and their mother knows about it, here are some things you should consider.

Common Sense!

Don’t be mean, if what you’re going to share will humiliate and belittle someone, don’t do it! Remember that what comes around goes around and you never know if someone might share something private of yours in the future.

funny text

Make sure you don’t reveal their FULL name or phone numbers, don’t  be rude!. ^^

Were you given permission? Is this too private?

A screenshot of a friend’s new tweet, or a screenshot of someone’s new hilarious status update is basically free for the world to see. HOWEVER, personal messages, friends-only posts, and pictures that should only be viewed by 2 people are OFF LIMITS!

There are tools that you can use to help maintain the identities of individuals PRIVATE! There are many apps out there for photo editing, blurring, and correcting for free! Take advantage of them and don’t just put people on blast with their full stats. funny text2

Source: Mashable