The Only Chart You Need To Help Identify Victims Of Sexual Assult

This week Harvard banned sex between students and teachers. Yale banned it back in 2010 and the University of Connecticut in 2013. The consensual sex between undergrads and any professor is leading the dialogue between what is considered appropriate and consensual when one of the participants are in a position of power. This will also, hopefully, start decreasing sexual assault between those students and professors that are not entirely consensual i.e an abuse of power and persuasion- rape. Although we know it’s not that easy, we are cautiously optimistic and hope for change.

While 95% of sexual assault goes unreported on college campuses across the country, we want to help decrease that percentage, and help those who may have any questions on if it really was or maybe not entirely assault. It was. If there’s a doubt in your mind, if you were intoxicated, if you were forced, if you were threatened in anyway- it’s rape.

Across campuses, there is no one comprehensive protocol for dealing with reporting the crime, dealing with and prosecuting perpetrators, funding for counseling for victims, etc.

The battle against rape needs to happen on two fronts. Men need to be held accountable and absolutely know what constitutes rape and NOT DO IT, and women need to feel more safe in reporting the assault.

The former will always be an uphill battle. The psychology behind why a man rapes isn’t black and white, it’ is however 100% wrong, but eliminating rape all together will be the hardest battle.

The biggest change we can create in society is to stop blaming the victim, to stop associating shame with the victim, to foster a safe place to report what happened, to support the journey these women will have to face as they try to live past this life changing moment and not to let it become a life defining moment. This happened to you, it’s not your fault in anyway shape or form, and we hope you won’t let this define who you are as a person. You are a strong, beautiful, amazing woman, you are not this one event, and hopefully with therapy and time your wounds will lessen.

The first step is reporting the crime and getting help.
We hope this chart helps shed some light. It helps widen your minds and helps you seek help and start to heal if you identify with any of these situations. Remember- there is no #perfectvictim