The Magical Power Of The Word

For Once In Your Life Go With Yes!

Panache Desai

“No. Don’t wast your time with that.”

“No. That doesn’t seem right.”

“No. We just can’t afford it right now.”


Its a given, ever since we started to walk and wonder into the kitchen to try to get a tasty treat we were told… NO. No this no that, saying no became an habit. It became an automatic response as natural as blinking.It has stopped you from taking that trip to Paris, from agreeing to a first date to your future husband or presenting an innovative new idea in your workplace that could have gotten you a huge bonus. It can be used to pave the path of least resistance, absolve you of responsibility, or feed your hesitation around the unknown.

It’s amazing how a little two-letter word can wield so much power. However, there is only one other word out there that match that of a “No”…

It’s the epic, magical ‘yes.’

Saying yes invokes undeniable shifts in energy. Where saying no shuts everything down,  a ‘yes’ opens doors to unimaginable potential. “Yes. I want more from life,” “Yes. I’ll take a chance and try something new,” “Yes. I’ll put myself out there and meet new people.” It just takes one ‘yes’ to lift your soul, skyrocket your vibration, and transform your life in countless ways.

Careful! Saying “yes” does not mean agreeing to everything. Reserve your magnificent yeses for when the time feels right. Go with your instincts! Saying yes is taking a leap into the mysterious unknown and not allowing “no” to be your default simply to avoid uneasiness.

Yes is the essence of openness, freedom and love. Once you begin saying yes to the opportunities life throws at you, you will rejoice in the benefits.

Your world can be lifted to heart-stopping heights with just one  yes.