Mothers of Officers In Police Brutality

This PSA on Police brutality shows another side of the sad reality. Viewers might naturally assume the grieving woman is the mother of an unarmed teen killed by a cop….

4 Stages Of A Failing Marriage

Have You Ever Wondered Where Divorce Stems From? In this day and age divorce is rampant. It seems that more and more people want freedom, and independence from their spouse….

Famous Women on Female Friendship

Not all friendships are the same. While some female friendships can be enriching, fun, filled with adventure like the one from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, others are insanely complicated….

Vogue Showcases Its First Transgender Model

A Small Step Towards A Huge Cause This upcoming Vogue’s issue breaks new ground for the magazine with its first-ever debut of a transgender model. In their May issue, Andreja Pejic opens…

Coachella’s Best Street-Style

That Coachella style isn’t all about flowers and crowns, there’s alot more to it. Photographer Melodie Jeng was in Indio capturing the best of it. Source:

Young Kanye Rapping With His Mother

One’s Love For Their Mother Is Unparalleled If you’re a Kanye fan, then surely you know about Kanye West‘s deep adoration and love for his mother Dr. Donda.  Kanye is not…