SoulCycle’s Female Founders Talk Business

SoulCycle Becomes A Prime Example For Many Entrepreneurs Out There

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“We think about different things every single day.” – Julie Rice, co-founder of SoulCycle

It has sure been quite the 9 years for SoulCycle. Nine years ago, it began as a business plan written on a napkin. And it’s only going to grow even more, since it is planning to take its services to the public.

While growth is important, cofounder Elizabeth Cutler still thinks of SoulCycle as a passion project. She recalls her husband telling her that in 25 years as a banker he never received a “thank-you note.” As for Cutler, he regularly hears words of thanks from the women who found solace through SoulCycle while her sister battled cancer.

Indeed, when SoulCycle began its journey on that fateful Starbucks napkin, neither Cutler nor Rice expected to build a giant business.

Source: Pando