Some Secrets Of Men That Every Woman Needs To Know

1. Men have no idea what we dont1

They’re not sure if we should be more sensitive or less sensitive. They’re not sure if women secretly hate their obsessions with facial hair. They have absolutely no idea what our taste in jewerly is. They have no idea if our flirting with our “best guy friend” is harmless or if there’s some kind of simmering lust there that they need to be wary of.

They have absolutely no idea of what women want.

This is why we must tell them 🙂

2. Men don’t know why we’re apologizing, but mostly they’re just trying to de-escalate dont2

Nope, they probably have no idea why they’re sorry, but because they were taught at an early age that men should say sorry when they’re in the wrong, they’re apologizing. Profusely.

The fact that we’re angry lets us know that they’ve done something wrong. They may not know why, but they are.

Ladies, a hint might help them to be able to apologize by never repeating the behavior again.

3. They think our hot, flirtatious friend is hot. But seriously, they’re not interested in dont3

You know she’s attractive. They know she’s attractive. She definitely knows she’s attractive. Any mild acknowledgement of her attractiveness or flirtation on their part is their attempting to walk that razor’s edge of being friendly without enraging you.

4. There are reasons we’re not saying dont4

1. Maybe they’re unhappy. If they have nothing nice to say, they will just  pout until we coax them out of their shell. Yes, it’s childish and they know it.

2. Maybe they’re thinking deep thoughts- about stuff and things. Perhaps they’re trying to figure out what our question really is or what they’re actually feeling.

3. Maybe they don’t have anything to say. There are plenty of things on which we have no opinion worth expressing.

5. We don’t really have a “type.”men dont5

WE are their type. Simple as that.

6. Most things men do, from the job we choose to the hobbies they have, is built around a singular goal: making us more attracted to dont6

Competition in business, sports, dating or anything else… Is them competing for attention and affection.

They want to impress us. They want you to be happy with us. They want our approval and our validation. It’s  their human nature.

They want to be something we’re proud to talk about.

Source: A Plus