How This Woman Creatively Met Her Prince Charming

Sarah Milne was minding her own business watching the sea tides move up and down at a New Zealand beach when she was suddenly caught wind of some ‘eye candy’. She spotted a man she thought was simply handsome running along the beach with his dog. As he ran past her he looked down and gave her a shy smile. She thought, WHOA what a good looking man. Too bad that would be the last time she would see him… or so she thought. After some pondering this lovestruck woman set out to find this man, her method is pictured below:finds love

Sarah wanted to meet this man! So she practically launched a campaign by using this sign.finds love2She never really thought that the mystery man would show  up, but it was worth a shot. To her very pleasant surprise he did in fact show up! William Scott Chalmers came forward to meet the note’s author, and even brought along a bottle of wine! This almost fairy tale like story left us thinking about all the possibilities that are still left in the world of love today. Her creativity seemed to pay off in the end!

Source: DailyMail