Most Women Who Talk About Sports On Twitter Face Abuse

Be Careful Next Time You Tweet Something About Sports

sports on twitter
Photograph: Steve Helber/AP

Ladies take precaution on the next time that you are thinking about tweeting something about sports on Twitter, apparently it puts a bulls eye on you for sexual harassment.

I write professionally about American football, and I tweet a lot on a variety of football-related topics. So I get that many male National Football League fans who don’t know that I’ve been covering the league for almost a decade might assume that I have no clue what a Cover 3 defensive scheme is. I don’t get being told “my face looks like a football” after tweeting a joke about the Jacksonville Jaguars possibly moving to London, getting called a “cunt” in response to football analysis or receiving the most untempting sexual invitations imaginable.

Being told to “go put on an apron” when opining on a bad pass interference call is actually kind of comical; being told to suck someone’s dick is flat out abuse. -Ashely Judd

Kentucky Wildcat’s #1 fan Ashley Judd announced that she is pressing charges against Twitter users after she received a number of  threats following an innocuous tweet about “Arkansas playing dirty” during last Sunday’s SEC Championship.

Truth is, she is not alone. Harassment has always been there when it comes to writing about sports. Why do men feel threatened when a female knows her sports? It almost comes with a special brand of machismo and frequent trolling. Its common knowledge among women in sports that you have to have reaaally thick skin in order to stay in the business.

Source: The Guardian