You Tube Sensation Michelle Phan Talks Icon Network

Michelle Phan Is Going  Beyond YouTube With Her New Icon Network

Digital superstar Michelle Phan has high hopes for her new worldwide network Icon. She has dominated the online beauty space and made her presence known offline with her YouTube ad campaign. Icon is expected to have a robust presence—on the Web, but also potentially on TV.

“I’m platform agnostic,” Phan said. “I’ve been platform agnostic ever since I went online. I’m not saying I’m jumping ship (from YouTube). Platforms—they come and go, but storytelling is forever.”

Icon is an international lifestyle network created by Phan and digital network Endemol Beyond, part of Dutch production company Endemol. Icon’s focus is on beauty, fashion, wellness, DIY, food, travel and human-interest. All of it’s content is created by Phan and a slew of online influencers like Ann Le, Sonya Esman, Kassie Isabella, Jessica Standley, Promise Phan and celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

Icon launched on March 31 in the U.S. and U.K. and will roll out in Western Europe and Asia in the summer and fall.

These iconic Iconers have had huge presence on YouTube. They have garnered more than 2.4 billion views on the platform.

“I’m not thinking of leaving YouTube anytime soon,” Phan said. “A lot of my followers are still there. That doesn’t mean I should limit myself to where I can expand and reach other demographics like on Facebook and Snapchat.”

Source: AdWeek