Many Wont Be Alive To See A Closing Of The Gender Wage Gap In the U.S.

When Will The Gender Wage Gap Close?

It is common knowledge that women don’t make as much money as men do. This is how it has always been. With the help of a new study, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research uses Census trend data in order to predict when each state will close their gender wage gap.

It is depressing to know that many of us will not be alive to see that gender wage gap close.

gender gapAccording to this study, the first state that will be successful in closing that gap will be Florida in 2038. But even that will take nearly a quarter of a century!
What is even crazier is that even a baby born today won’t live long enough to see income equality in West Virginia (2101), Utah (2102), Louisiana (2106), North Dakota (2104), and Wyoming (2159).