Lessons Learned From Mary Lambert – Body Acceptance.

The hardest journey every woman will go through, in my humble opinion, is the path to self love and acceptance. As women, our ability to care for, nurture, love, feed, carry a child, etc is insurmountable. At our best we are selfless and put others first and at our worst we are hard on ourselves and pick apart all our flaws.

What we see as a flaw in ourselves we will quickly overlook or forgive in someone else. The quest to be thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, witty enough, and so on will eat away at our self esteem and our self worth. We are never satisfied with our weight or breast size- it’s why the diet and plastic surgery industry is a multi- billion dollar industry.

In this video, an interview with huffington post, Singer Mary Lambert (she did the vocals on “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) gives us her secrets to finally accepting herself.”I just had this revelation like two nights ago — I was crying so hard because I realized I had so much work to do with feeling comfortable with myself,” the Grammy-award winning singer told HuffPost in a Monday interview.

“I think a lot of us have some form of body dysmorphia… You’re looking in the mirror and you’re kind of disassociated in some way,” she said. “I think a good reminder is to actually, physically touch yourself. ‘Ah, okay, this is what my arm feels like. It’s not what I’m mutating in my head. I’m not some sort of scary monster.'”


H/T Huffington Post