Learn To Accept What Is Happening Around You



Life is your own adventure, no one else will have the same experience as you because you are unique. Even in the worst of days,  you can shift gears, expand your energy, and restore your flow. Be still, take a breath, and say ,“I accept.”


When you take the time for think amidst the chaos, you stop the momentum of a confusing thought process. This pause allows you to stay anchored in the moment, transcend the world of “doing,” and connect to your true self. Remember that “stop drop and roll” that firefighters taught us when we were in school? This is kinda like the same thing. When a situation arises that makes you feel as if you were on fire, stop; take a breath, say the words, “I accept”. Take the time to fill in what’s happening at the moment. Your conscious acknowledgment allows you to  let the anxiety, anger, or frustration pass through you. Your acceptance will defuse the turmoil in your moment of need. This will make room for spaciousness and clarity to deal with the issues at hand.

This Is The Reality…

Acceptance is the doorway to harmony and flow with everything that’s authentically unfolding. Think about its only obvious! It’s difficult to flow with present challenges when you are weighed down by denial. The more you accept reality, the easier it is live a life of neutrality.  And when you embrace acceptance fully, you wont be accessing your life through the conscious or the unconscious. You’re accessing it through your soul.

Just take 3 minutes each day and gather yourself. You’ll find that this little pause will work wonders within yourself.

Source: Panache Desai