Jay-Z Announces A Free Concert For Tidal Subscribers!

Jay Z is making sure to pull out all the stops for Tidal, the hip-hop mogul’s brand new music streaming service. It has been highly critiqued for its high streaming prices. It has been announced that on top of personally calling a number of Tidal users, Jay Z is rolling out a “free” concert for his faithful subscribers.

There is much hype as leaked information has stated that the concert will feature the rap legend performing his best, rarest singles — never-been-performed gems from Jay Z’s music treasure trove. The “free” concert is only for those who have paid for the service.

“The show the fans have been asking for,” Tidal’s website says. “Jaÿ Z performs the album cuts. All the best ‘B-sides’ of his career.

With Tidal being abuzz with bad press, including plummeting out of iTunes top 700 app downloads, Jay Z will need all the help he can get to keep the music service afloat. If his own words don’t convince you to join, perhaps beefing up the service will?

The concert will take place an “intimate venue” in New York City on May 13 and will stream exclusively on Tidal’s website. Fans can win tickets to the event by curating a playlist on Tidal and sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #TIDALXJAYZ,

“The winners will be chosen based on the quality of the sequencing and the diversity of genres and artists, which means it’s time to put those mixtape skills to work if you want to get close to Hov,”

Source: MadameNoire