Japan Has A New Weird Beauty Trend: Looking Sick

Japan’s New Beauty Trend Is Inspired by Anime

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No these Japanese girls are not in any danger of allergies, but they are making a fashion statement!

They’re wearing the new Tokyo trend known as “me no shita chiiku,” which means “undereye blush”. It is candy-colored blooms painted exaggeratedly high on the cheekbones and, as the name suggests, right  underneath the eyes. The style is immensely popular in Harajuku.

Rosy undereyes started popping up all over Tokyo street snaps during the last few years and eventually peaked in Japanese beauty forecasts last fall. “It Girl” Momoko Ogihara, creative director of the edgy-feminine line Murua, was one of the very first that started using this style of makeup, she used it so much that the style is also known as “Momoko blush.” The trend has since exploded into the mainstream and been embraced by Japan’s infamous myriad of fashion subcultures, and many many more have created spin-off of this whimsical style.

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This new trend isn’t limited to ‘the sick look’. Harajuku model RinRin Doll uses undereye blush to achieve the exact opposite effect, she uses the underlining blush to achieve a pretty and innocent look.

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RinRin says that undereye blush is also inspired by a more modern of Japanese culture called anime. The cheeks of “kawaii” anime girls are often drawn using two shaded ovals right underneath the eyes — imagine an angelic, pink version of a football player’s face paint.

Source: Yahoo Beauty