Its Never Too Late To Start

Its Never Too Late To Do Something Spectacular With Your Life

never too late


In 2011, Harli was named the world’s youngest CEO at the age eight. His company Marble King, has sold  speciality marbles at a price tag of up to $1000 US dollars.

Jeffery Brotman launched the bulk food warehouse Costco at the age 40,  an age in which people usually have their life already set up.

Henry Royce found his even later, founding the Rolls-Royce brand with partner Charles Rolls in 1904 at the age of 43.

Sam Walton started the Walmart brand empire, also affectionately known as “Wally World” at the age of 44. In 2014 Walmart was named #19 on Forbes list of the world’s most valuable brands.

You see, success comes when you seek it, it doesn’t just happen for you. And no, its never to late to be successful in ANYTHING you do.

Source: LifeHack