That is the #1 question clients are asking the in-demand Beverly Hills wax specialist and boutique owner, Mistey Saffore of Sashay Wax.  Mistey is the “go to”  Brazilian Wax specialist that five star Beverly Hills hotels (Montage, Peninsula, Regent Beverly Wilshire – Pretty Woman hotel) call on when their rich & fabulous guests need to get their kitty groomed to perfection.


Mistey says, “no vagina is the same and everyone is unique, so don’t compare your’s to anybody else’s.  I’ve seen all shapes, sizes – big lips, small lips, more skin around the clitoris than others, different skin tones, and textures.  As long you you groom and keep good hygiene, you should be comfortable knowing that your vagina is beautiful.”

So what’s the key to a cute vagina?  Treat the skin your in with good grooming and hygiene!  5 Tips to keep your kitty looking and feeling fabulous.

1. Exfoliate 1-2 Days Before Your Wax -Exfoliation is key – it eliminates dead skin cells, polishes the skin, refines pores, and preps your skin for a less painful wax experience.

2. Dont Shower or Wear Panties After Your Wax – since you showered before the wax, wait until the next day to take a shower.  Also wear loose clothing and don’t wear panties the day of your wax. This will reduce friction and irritation.  It also helps to let your pores breath and close up.

3. No Sex Day of Wax – we know it looks good & feels soft, and your’e ready to show it off, but not so quick. Your skin is very sensitive the day of your wax.  Skin friction and perspiration with your partner will irritate your skin and may cause your skin to erupt or get a rash.  Make him wait with baited breath another day.

4. Exfoliate 10-12 Days After Wax –when you start to feel a little bump or the skin is not feeling as soft, exfoliate your bikini area.  Try Murad skin exfoliator or for a drugstore brand try St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

5. Wear Silk and Lace Panties – silk and/or lace panties allows the skin and pores to breathe, which keeps the waxed skin in better condition.

silk panties

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