Let’s face it, the F word (Feminism) is confusing and gets a bad rap, not just with men but also with women.  Some girls and women have never talked about the F word, and that multiplies with boys and men.
What happens when you ask a bunch of men if they’re feminists? Watch above what Upworthy found out when they hit the streets with a camera and a microphone.
There’s a whole generation who don’t remember the bra burning woman’s rights movement, because their parents weren’t even alive in the 1960’s. There are young adults who never knew about the Equal Rights Amendment and how hard women’s groups tired to pass that, fighting for the equal rights for women in regards to equal pay but also to be included and protected by the law like men were.
So, when you ask people if they are a feminist, most don’t know what that word means, and afraid of being mislabeled they will say NO! emphatically. Without hesitation, however, if you ask that same person if they believe in equal rights for both sexes, they will agree.

The resurgence of “feminism” is great, we appreciate the work of certain celebrities like Lena Dunham, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift to encourage young girls to be proud women, unafraid to demand equal pay, equal rights, and the rejoice in their power a women, is amazing, but society as a whole still doesn’t understand what that word means, and worse than that, they have a negative connotation to the word.

Thanks to  Upworthy for this video, its nice to see that while the word is misunderstood, the basic tenements like equal rights isn’t.