Abortion Clinic In D.C. Creates Luxury Spa Environment


The  message that Carafem, a new medical clinic in Washington, D.C., will plaster across D.C. Metro stations as part of an ad campaign in the coming weeks is that of abortion.

“Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”, is their slogan.

Abortion promoting signs are a rare sighting. But Carafem, a nonprofit clinic that opens in April and offers only pharmaceutical abortions, plans on destigmatizing abortion one procedure at a time when many states are enacting laws that do just the opposite.

“We wanted to reduce the obstacles and barriers in place right now for so many women in America,” says Carafem president Christopher Purdy. He has  spent the last 20 years dealing with  family planning and abortion issues overseas.

“One idea was to offer a service that was demedicalized and client-centered. Women in this situation are already going through enough difficulty, so our goal is to ameliorate that and make the procedure a high-quality professional health care experience.”

To increase comfort to this eventful procedure, the atmosphere inside the facility is more like a spa than a clinic. Its wood paneling and stone backsplashes on the walls and warm colors and textures throughout make the place feel ‘homey’.

Clients are offered tea during one-on-one consultations with the health-care practitioners. They are given cotton robes  to wear in the examination rooms instead of the customary disposable paper ones.

“By eliminating the sights, smells, and sensations associated with a typical doctor’s office, we felt we could create a better experience for our clients,” – Melissa Grant, Carafem’s vice president of health services

Clients pay a flat fee of $400 for Carafem’s services. This includes the abortion pill, counseling, a follow-up consultation, and a pregnancy test kit in the very rare eventthat the termination fails.

The reason most women opt for medical rather than surgical abortions is privacy. They would rather deal with the procedure in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

“We provide medication to help with pain and other possible effects of the medication, like nausea, and so most women report feeling fairly comfortable at home in familiar surroundings during this time,”

Those who can’t pay $400 out of pocket can apply for financial assistance.

What sets Carafem apart from other abortion clinics is that it takes most types of insurance, including Medicaid. They offer appointments at odd hours—evenings and weekends so that women don’t have to skip work for the procedure. The whole procedure is done in about an hour.

Source: The daily Beast