Children’s Point Of View Of Their Mothers

A Mother’s Love Is Greater Than Anything

Mothers were asked to come in to do one thing: to describe themselves as mothers. There’s a lot of pressure as a parent. We all want to raise our children the right way, these mothers thought of themselves very tough and picked out all the bad in themselves but when they brought their children in and asked them what they see. It is very touching, when their response is way different than what their mothers thought of themselves. They said their mothers were amazing and that they wouldn’t trade them for anything in the whole wide world.

When the mothers see and hear what their children think of them they burst into tears. They have been so hard on themselves thinking that they haven’t done everything that they could have, but to their surprise, they have done that and much more. Their motherly love and good intentions have been more than enough for their kids. And its true, you don’t need to give your baby every toy in the world. They will look up to you for the very reason that you looked up your parents, because they provide you with unconditional love and affection.