Becky Hammon Becomes The First NBA Female Coach

Becky Hammon Is The First NBA Female Coach

Kitra Cahana

37-year-old Becky Hammon has made a name for herself. Not only is she the first coach in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs, but she is also the first in all four major American professional sports: Baseball, Football, and Hockey.

Hammon recalls a memory she had as a little girl, asking her father if she would be able to go pro in basketball. . “He said, ‘Sorry to shatter your dreams, but no,’” she recalls  “But he never said anything about coaching.”

She’s involved in team operations from front to back as one of six Spurs assistant coaches. Her duties inlcude scouting opposing teams, giving the players feedback during practices, and strategizing plays. She is known for her analytical mind.

With only being at  5’6″, Hammon had to compensate for her height disadvantage while playing by developing a deep understanding of the game. “I was always smaller and slower than everybody else, so I had to figure out other ways to be successful,” she says. “Some people can survive on their athleticism; I had to survive on my brain.”

Her association with the San Antonio Spurs started in 2012, on the flight home from the London Olympics. She switched seats to be next to San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. The two felt an instant compatibility. When Hammon suffered a knee injury in the following year, she used her downtime to be a coaching intern for  the Spurs, which laid the groundwork for her to join the team full-time.

Hammon never let her gender get in the way of achieving great success within this team. Despite the physical differences between male and female, “skill-wise, there are some women who can compete with the guys: shooting, dribbling, passing, and the IQ stuff,” she says.

“It’s 2015, and I’m the first female coach in any of the major sports, that’s ridiculous!“- Becky Hammon

Source: Marie Claire