Artistic Wonders Were Shown Off At Hong Kong’s Art Basel

The Many Artistic Wonders Of Art Basel In Hong Kong

art basel1
Maria Brito

Art buyer and lifestyle guru Maria Brito explored the Hong Kong Arts Week and Art Basel Hong Kong 2015.

art basel2
Maria Brito

Admiring an Eko Nugroho installation. Eko is one of the most celebrated Indonesian artists and his work is more than inspirational.

art basel3
Maria Brito

Thai artist Yuree Kensaku has this installation titled “When the Elephants Fight, the Grass Gets Trampled”. The title originates from a Swahili proverb. The proverb refers to the crash of two large forces of power in dispute that usually end up hurting innocent and powerless people.

art basel4
Maria Brito

An installation by Chinese emerging artist Zhou Jie. He specializes in making objects that seem comfortable and combine it with the rawness of materials such as barbed wire.

art basel5
Maria Brito

These past days are considered “Art Week” in Hong Kong and many of the shows around the city are considered iconic. Many artists and art-seekers show up to rejoice in the many wonderful creations.

art basel6
Maria Brito

There are many live performances at the Art Basel. Here we have Japanese artist Shintaro Miyake working on one of his celebrated drawings, live and in real time. Really a wonderful experience to see him work.

art basel7
Maria Brito

This installation by Xu Bing is just amazing and exerts its presence.

art basel8
Maria Brito

This  interpretation of Mother Marywas made by hand and carved in stainless steel and titanium by an emerging artist called Hsi Shie Pin.

Source: Departures