Advice For Pay Gaps Between Men And Women

The Woman Code And Pay Gaps Between Men And Women


A hot topic trending these days is equal pay for women. The debate was sparked by Patricia Arquette, who brought the subject to everyone’s attention as she was accepting the award for best supporting actress at this year’s Oscars. Several other women like ex-co-chairwoman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal are speaking up against the major pay gap between the men and women of Hollywood.

In the midst of the debate of whether this pay gap is truly present and justified, author Sophia Nelson presented a message to all women. She says that before any woman can push for a raise or promotion, she has to determine her self value first.

Here are 4 of her 20 tips that can be found in her amazing book The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Life .

Tip #1 – Your Past Doesn’t Define Who You Are

“So many women are defined by hurts that happened to them, the family they grew up in, and they never really move past the definitions that their families gave them.”

“And you have to decide I’m not going to be defined by that. I’m going to be the definer of me. And that’s what I really want women to get out of this. Everything you need to win at life is inside of you. It’s already there. Greatness is there, so it doesn’t matter how you start. It matters how you finish.”

Tip #2 – Teach People on How To Treat You

“If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else ever will,”

“You are not a ‘B’ because you say ‘that wasn’t polite’ or ‘I didn’t like it’; you are asserting yourself. Men do it all the time. And I think when we teach our sons and our nephews and the men in our lives that it’s OK for us to assert ourselves … we’re being a human being. We are saying what we don’t like. We have to make it OK for women and girls to speak up.”

Tip #3 – Only Being Accountable For Yourself

“When you are accountable for you, you say if I’m a happy me, if I’m making good choices, if I’m taking care of me, everybody else is going to benefit from that.”

Sometimes you need to put yourself above others, because if you don’t do it, then who will?

Tip #4 – Guarding Your Heart

“Guarding your heart doesn’t mean gating your heart it means when you get hurt, you’re resilient. You get back up. You love again. It means you choose the right people, not the wrong people. And when you come across the wrong people, you honor you and say, ‘Now, wait a minute.’ “

“Everything you need to win is inside you. You just got to push it out.”

Her aim is not to find reasons to establish yourself on the outside to others, but first look inside yourself and determine how valuable you truly are and then use that in order to find success in the world. Though her advice is geared toward women, these tips are sound reasoning for anyone who wishes to apply them.

Source: CNN