A Feminist Campaign Plagiarizes A Student Campaign Poster

Feminist Campaign Has Plagiarized A Student Campaign Post From 2013

Below is shown the original poster  Judgments, a photograph by Rosea Lake (Left) that went viral back in 2013. Now Theresa Wlokka and Frida Regenheim, representatives for the woman’s rights non-profit Terre des Femmes, has launched a feminist campaign strikingly similarfem campaignBoth projects show a woman’s legs that are marked indicating how she might be judged based on the length of her clothing. Is she a subtle, flirty, or provocative?
fem campaign1 As you can expect, Lake felt very disrespected. She quickly took to social media about the issue. She Tweeted to the non-profit saying that their project was “a really blatant ripoff of my work, FYI.” Now, Lake knows that the posters promoted something important for women everywhere , but she maintained that she should have been credited for the concept. “We’re all #feminist, we’re all fighting the same fight. Thanks for amplifying the message. Ask next time?” Lake added.fem campaign3

In response, Regenheim posted a Tweet indicating that she had the green light from Lake and received permission to use her idea. Lake quickly denied the claim, Tweeting “Um… ‘we’re all on board’? No. I still have not been credited.”

“There’s such a big black cloud over such a simple, fun thing as clothing. It should be a way of expressing yourself and something to have fun with. Not a foundation to judgement,” Wlokka wrote to the Huffington Post. “Of course we wanted to be unique, but we didn’t see it as something negative that others wanted the same change as us. And that’s something that [Pomona] agreed on when we emailed with her.”