9 Quotes From 9 Powerful Women

Take The Advise From These Powerful And Knowledgeable  Women

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1. “Say the first word. Set the tone for the conversation. Be poised, prepared, and ready to say the first word in any debate or meeting.” –Gloria Feldt, Co-founder and President of Take The Lead
2. “When you are living your passion and achieving your purpose, you will feel more alive and energized than you thought possible.” –Nancy D. O’Relly, PsyD, Clinical psychologist, philanthropist, founder of WomenSpeak.com

3. “When we embrace the power of our feminine skills, we are redefining leadership where feminine is as strong and powerful as the masculine.” –BiruteRegine, EdD, Founder of Iron Butterfly Power Circles

4. “Poise comes when we recognize lessons from our experiences and understand the importance of acceptance and growth from them.” –Linda Rendleman, Cofounder of the Women Like Us Foundation

5. “The courageous leader asks for the tough project that no one wants and stays focused daily on the results.” –Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert

6. “Talk [to your daughter] about what is needed to become successful and independent. Talk about how you value education. Expect her to have skills and marketability.” –Janet Rose Wojtalik, EdD, Author, motivational speaker, and school administrator

7. “As women, we must reject that idea that only a man can provide for our security. We must find the will and the comfort level to use our money and resources for choices that have meaning for us.” –Joanna L. Krotz, Journalist and entrepreneur

8. “It is up to women, then, as we advance in the power structures and economic institutions of the world, no matter how we acquire that advancement, to reach back, reach down, reach out, and embrace other women, pull them in, give them a hand up.” –Shirley Osborne, CEO of Posh Affairs, Inc.

9. “The next time someone asks for your opinion, and you know it’s contrary to that person’s viewpoint, take the risk of putting your perspective on the table rather than taking the path of least resistance by agreeing or saying you have no opinion.” –Lois P. Frankel, PhD, President of Corporate Coaching International

Source: RealSimple