10 Things You Don’t Have To Be Modest About

10 Things Are Are Okay To Be Proud Of



1. The relationships you have made with others

Imagine how boring our lives would be without friends? There is nothing that is more sad than having everything but not having the support group of friends who have always been there with you to share your joys with. Let your friends know how much you appreciate them. Don’t be afraid of what people say!

2. Your amazing attitude

When you have a friendly and positive attitude that helps you sail through difficult times, then you have another accomplishment to be proud of. This is because your attitude and personality distinguishes you from everyone else. No one can be you but only you baby.

3. What you have learned

Conventional or unconventional, learning does not come cheap sweetie. The process of learning can bring you up, down, and then loop around but you know what? If you learned it, you earned those bragging rights. Be happy about the knowledge life has dealt you with because it will make you understand yourself and the world better.

4. Your accomplishments

Look, you’re the one that took the risk and the one that earned that reward. Whether you nailed that job interview, or you decided to over-achieve for that next school project. If you spent time on trying to make something for yourself, then be proud honey!

5. Your finances

Its basic knowledge to know that money does not grow on trees. It takes effort and work to make money. And what can be arguably just as hard is to spend it judiciously and save it. As far as you have some money in the bank or have been able to afford certain things in your life, you should be happy and never be humble about this.

6. Your leisure activities

It could be that helpful post you just posted on Facebook or Twitter, it could be that book you just bought and read, it could be traveling to a recent destination or climbing a mountain; your leisure activities do count. Make sure you never embrace humility for this.

7. Your appearance

Whatever it may be, if something in your appearance makes you wow others then don’t be ashamed! This could be your physical appearance or how you speak or how you have been able to make yourself look younger after all these years. You should be proud of your appearance.

8. Your kind heart

There aren’t many kind people out there in this world. There is always an opportunity for you to show compassion and display that you care. There is that day you made a visit or called someone to show how much you cared. Compassion is what makes us human. Whatever way you have added to the positive flow of energy to life is worth being proud of.

9. Your relationship with yourself

In an age when social media and technology have stormed into our private lives, it is noteworthy when you have been able to build a relationship with yourself. If you’ve found yourself then that in itself is worth taking note. Many people spend their lives and never find or love themselves.  This could be through fighting and ridding yourself off a habit, or developing some sense of self awareness.

10. Your skills

Maybe you are a wonderful dancer or a fantastic chef: whatever your proficiency is, always be happy and proud you have been able to create something out of nothing. Embrace your abilities and never be humble about your skills, no matter how unimportant they may seem.  No one else is a copy of you or your gifts and talents.

Inspired by  Lifehack