Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Says That Gender Doesn’t Matter In California’s Silicon Valley

According To The Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Silicon Valley Doesn’t Play The Gender Card

yahoo ceo
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If Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, would get a dime every time people would talk about the fact that she is a female CEO, she would probably own several banks by now. Mayer is just trying to do the best she can for her company, and one thing she wants to clarify is that she doesn’t want people speculating about how her gender factors in.

“I never play the gender card. The moment you play into that, it’s an issue, in technology we live at a rare, fast-moving pace. There are probably industries where gender is more of an issue, but our industry is not one where I think that’s relevant.”– she toldMedium.

Mayer has many things to deal with but she is still trying to go for a bigger picture. Running Yahoo isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world when you are getting paid millions in acquisitions, including $1.1 for Tumblr.

“I do actually think now we’re onto the transformative phase. In the beginning we had to build ourselves back up, walk before you can run. Now we’re really trying to transform ourselves.”– Mayer

Source: Marie Claire