What Losing Over 200 lbs Did For This One Woman, Is Absolutely Inspiring!

This 19 year old’s story is so motivating! Still considered a “teen” she has truly proven that you don’t have to have lived a long life to have lived a fulfilled life that can inspire those many times older than herself!

At 16 years old, she topped the scales at 409lbs, considered having bariatric surgery, even went to see a doctor, but that specialist turned her down because she would never look “normal” with the extreme weight loss.

Discouraged at now 5”5′ and 414 lbs and in severely bad health, Kaitlyn Smith was ready to give up, but instead she got a health coach and with huge amounts of hard work and dedication, Kaitlyn lost half her weight in 1 years time, and has kept the weight off for the last year, still working out and training with her coach.

“At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, I was at my heaviest weight of 414 lbs. I hated myself and was disgusted by the girl I saw in the mirror.

It wasn’t always this way. Growing up, I was heavier than my five siblings – I was always the “fat kid” or the “fat friend” – but I was still happy, outgoing and active. My parents took me to doctor after doctor and tried every diet possible, but I would gain a pound or two a week. It was frustrating because I was doing everything I was told to do, but nothing seemed to work. ”

Now plagued with the loose skin of her former 400+ pound body, Kaitlyn is awaiting plastic surgery to finally reshape her body and having her outside match her inside.
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H/T People Magazine