Vogue Showcases Its First Transgender Model

A Small Step Towards A Huge Causetrans model

This upcoming Vogue’s issue breaks new ground for the magazine with its first-ever debut of a transgender model.

In their May issue, Andreja Pejic opens up about gender fluidity and suggests that society is turning a corner in terms of acceptance of the transgender community.

“There are just more categories now, it’s good,” said Pejic, 23. “We’re finally figuring out that gender and sexuality are more complicated.

Trans women models have usually a harder time obtaining jobs. Pejic told the magazine she faced criticism and bigotry when she decided to transition. One agent told her, “It’s better to be androgynous than a tranny.”

Pejic was born in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina. She was discovered in 2007 while working at a McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. Her rise to fame came after being featured in Paris Vogue in 2010.

“Andreja had an extraordinary career as a male model, often modeling female clothes; she pulled it off,” Gene Kogan of DNA Model Management, Pejic’s former agency, told Vogue. “It opened a lot of eyes and made people see things from a new perspective. We’re going to see her influence for years to come.”

Source: Huffington Post