Orange Is The New Black, the Netflix original hit series, exposes the underground world and business of selling used panties when Piper yells out “I need your vag sweat!” during her monologue (see below) of a scene that takes place in the Litchfield courtyard with other prison mates.


“Because of Orange Is the New Black, it’s crazy right now,” says Paul Richter of to Vice. “It’s a great second income.” “My friend always has these weird ideas, but this time she was really insistent upon it,” he said. “Honestly, when she brought it up, I didn’t think anything of it, but then when I found out it was a thing in Orange Is the New Black, like, it made sense because she watches it…”


The panty-selling business is not a new industry reports Vice. People all over the world have been selling their dirty unmentionables on the internet for years.

Check out Piper’s monolgue below:

If you accept my proposal, nay, my invitation. To join me on a miraculous adventure. I need your panties. Well, I will give you the panties, but I need you to wear them. I need your vag sweat. And maybe some, colorless discharge. I’m starting a business selling stinky panties to pervs. It’s easy. I give you flavor packets, and you give me something you’re already giving away for free. And you are supporting a local business. I’m like American Apparel, with less implied statutory rape. I, too, was once embarrassed and squeamish about my personal eau de parfum. But then I thought, why should I be ashamed?. Isn’t that  part of the self hatred that has been bred into me by the patriarchy? And are those same men that will shame me? Are they not the same me that will wear my panties on their head, inhaling deeply? Ladies, now is the time to be bold. For when these men smell your panties, they are smelling your character. Let them smell daring and courage. Let them smell women who are unabashed, and unself conscious, and let them say that Litchfield is a place where women love their bodies, and have love to spare. Sisters, we may be incarcerated, but our panties will travel the world. And in that way, long after we are gone, our smell our smell will linger in some gas station in Toronto, in some office cubilce in Tokyo. And in that way, we are known, and in that way, we are remembered, do you want to be remembered? Then sweat profusely, and fart will abandon, and make a reek, make a reek my sisters, make a reek to last one thousand years!


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