Turn Your Exercise Routine Into A Big Party!!




This study might just be the one to take the title of the most fun scientific study in the history of scientific studies! The University of Derby conducted a study in which depressed patients who were given nine weeks of salsa dancing lessons experienced a huge lift in their moods.

Researchers explained that it was the combination of exercise, social interaction, and the concentration learning a new skill requires that significantly boosted the mood of all the study’s participants.  Zumba classes are all about fostering a strong sense community, require plenty of focus, and offer an awesome sweat session in the process. It basically tackles every symptom of depression and its roots.

Exercise is linked to an increase in the body’s release of endorphins. There is also a correlation between regular exercise and the less well-known neuromodulator norepinephrine which may help the brain deal with stress more efficiently.

In the end, any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat is going to have big benefits for your brain and body, but Zumba transforms any old, boring cardio routine into a big party!

Source: PopSugar