The New Instagram Hair Trend Is Growing In Popularity

New Instagram Hair Trend Continues To Grow In Popularity

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Image: Wella Professionals

One of the main reasons why thethe pastel-hair phenomenon is has grown exponentially in popularity is that it’s so versatile. Wella Professionals has released an in-salon color line named Instamatic. Instamatic was inspired by Instagram filters.

“It’s very fashion-inspired,” says Jennifer J., color ambassador for Wella.

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Image: Wella Professionals

Instamatic is a demi-permanent hair color, however it does contain a little bit of ammonia (about 20% of the amount of a typical permanent dye). It is formulated to be used with Wella’s, which requires ammonia. What makes so unique is that it allows different colors to be painted throughout the hair without them bleeding into one another. You can mix and match pretty much anything.

You can play around with colors,” Jennifer says. “You could do ombré on one strand of hair, and the colors won’t bleed.” 

You can do just one color, applied throughout the hair, but you don’t have to limit yourself because you can layer multiple hues for a more dynamic look. Instamatic can be applied to both wet and dry hair, with different results.

“If you use it on dry hair, you’ll get a brighter hue,” says Jennifer. “Wet hair will yield a more diluted look. Either way, it still has a really soft, pastel feel, and a matte texture.”

Do note that Instamatic is only available in-salon,  so what are you waiting for?

Source: Refinery29