The Influence Dads Have On Their Little Girls


Why do people have the mentality that  if you’re a guy, you can’t possibly understand girl drama, so its better leave that stuff to moms.

This couldn’t be more wrong because not only do dads “get” girls – dads also bring unique attribute to parenting them. Research shows that girls whose fathers are positively involved in their lives tend to have higher self-esteem.

Fathers help girls defy some of the more troubling unwritten rules of girlhood. As girls approach adolescence they tend to become quieter, more self-deprecating, and less confident. In contrast, men enjoy more freedom to take up space. When a girl has a man in her life who is comfortable goofing off, eating a big meal, proudly showing off his skills, or speaking up for what he needs, his daughter gets permission to do the same. She will cling to those qualities, even as popular media and other forces tell her to give them up.

Father figures influence a girl’s ability to trust, enjoy, and relate well to the boys and men in her life. Dads set the standard for in what to expect from other males. When a father treats women and girls with respect, it sets up his daughter to look for the same from the boys and men she will encounter later on.

A 2014 survey reported that the number of stay-at- home dads has more than doubled over the past decade.

Source: Leaning.Org