The Future Of e-Commerce Upstarts Depend On These Women!

CEO of Rent The Runway Says They Need To Put UPS and Fed-Ex Out Of Business!

Shelby Walker via Twitter

Retail meetings aren’t always the most explosive and exciting meetings of all time. However, a meeting between the CEO of Rent the Runway- Jenniffer Hyman, the CEO of StitchFix- Katrina Lake, and¬†Sephora chief digital officer Julie Bornstein brought many to a roaring applause at the Austin Convention Center.

One thing was on Hyman’s agenda, and that was to bring attention to the “Big Two” delivery services that impact the delivery of many start up companies.

We need to put UPS and FedEx out of business, The delivery [industry] needs to be completely ripped up and totally recreated.” – Hyman

The increasingly expensive delivery businesses are becoming a roadblock for the online retail business. To all start up delivery companies, Hyman had this to say to them:

I hope you make it. I hope you all make it. …The only way that [e-commerce is] economically viable is if the delivery [industry] changes.”-¬†Hyman


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