The Best High-Tech Fluid Foundations

A Professional’s Opinion On Fluid Foundation

Image: Bubbly Michelle
Image: Bubbly Michelle

There is a new technology in the beauty industry and its called Fluid Foundation. Compared to regular liquid foundation, this typical technology isn’t cakey, crusty and thick.

Now, these have been around as Armani Maestro first pioneered the technology. However what is happening now is that every cosmetics company are developing their own -at a much lower cost.

Fluid foundations come in much smaller bottles than traditional foundations. You’ll find them with dropper applicators, in bottles with dropper spouts, or in pump bottles. The fluid is very watery and often described as a “fluid to powder” formulation. They are typically on the matte side and are generally buildable. Note that many of them contain SPF.

Kirin Bhatty, who has worked with Vanity Fair and Vmagazine, as well as celebs like Lorde, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kiernan Shipka gave Fashionista  some quick tips about fluid foundations:

You must shake them before every single use. No excuses.

• They are for someone who wants definite coverage. “It’s not for the girl who loves a radiant, completely sheer finish,” Bhatty says. “If that’s you, you want a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.”

• The formulas are really concentrated, so start with only a few drops. “There’s so much pigment and it’s so concentrated. That product will really move when you start activating it with the brush,” Bhatty says.

• A wet beauty blender isn’t your best tool here. Bhatty recommends putting a drop or two of foundation on the back of your hand, dipping your index finger in it and dotting it onto your face. Move it a bit with your hands, then take a rounded, dense foundation brush (I used this one) and buff it in in circular motions.

• Skin prep is a must. If you run dry, Bhatty suggests using a moisturizing primer. (She likes Smashbox’s Hydrating Primer.) Otherwise, the pigment will stick to every last flake on your skin.

Source: Fashionista