That Nasty Watery Stuff On Top Of Your Yogurt May Be Good For You

The Liquid on Top of Your Yogurt Matters


Have you ever been grossed out by that top watery part of your yogurt? Do you put it off to the side with your spoon and go straight to the good part? Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

Although it may gross you out, what you should do is grab that spoon and stir it all together. That liquid is known as whey. Although it consists mainly of water, whey also contains a little bit of protein, potassium, and calcium. Stirring in the whey not only adds nutrition to your yogurt but also offers a creamier consistency.

If  you are THAT put off by the substance, then before opening your yogurt, shake the container, just as you would do with orange juice. This will save you the distasteful sight of the watery mess.