Talk Of Ending Domestic Violence At A SXSW’s Sports Event

Ending Domestic Violence Was The Subject At A SXSW’s Sports Event

T recent high-profile accusations of then-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, have served as teachable moment to begin to break a cycle of violence. Join the revolution!

It all starts when you’re young.  Children must learn about the issues of power and control in relationships, or else domestic violence will likely continue among athletes and regular people, at least thats what Jane Randel, founder of No More(a domestic violence and sexual assault awareness group), says.

I hate the phrase, but these are times to start to have this conversation about what is a healthy relationship if someone is texting you 30-40 times an hour saying where are you, who are you with — that is probably not a good thing,”

Randel participated in a panel entitled “Can Sports Help End a Culture of Violence?” that was a part of the South By Southwest festival’s SXSports event.