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    How Successful Women Start Their Day

    Mornings play a heavy role in our day to day lives. It can mean the difference between a super-productive work day, and a painfully sluggish one. For some, a few rounds of snoozing and a strong cup of coffee is the only way to go; for others, it’s all about rising at dawn and hitting the gym before work.’ Payal […]

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    Sheila Marcelo is the CEO and Co-Founder of, the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care.  She is part a rare group of women who are public company CEO’s making up just 3% of all publicly traded stocks. Unlike other female CEOs in tech like Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Marissa Mayer, Marcelo was […]

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    Nadja Swarovski’s Interview Reveals Why Women Make Great Business Partners

    Nadja Swarovski Reveals Why Women Make Amazing Business Partners Nadja Swarovski is a pillar in the fashion industry. She built the Swarovski empire and is carving a deeper path for the forever evolving company within the fashion industry. This astute business woman joined her family business in 1995, one century after her great-great- grandfather, Daniel Swarovski, […]

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    Princess of Saudi Arabia Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

    Princess Reema Is Making History In Saudi Arabia By Launching A Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign! Many women out there are pioneering breast cancer awareness, even in places where education in this type of topic is lacking. Princess Reema introduced 10KSA (for 10,000 in Saudi Arabia), a far-reaching breast cancer and health awareness campaign that will be an […]