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    One Woman Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream

    One Woman Finds Her True Calling In Life   Noelle Hancock was your typical successful businesswoman. With a Yale degree under her belt coupled along with her six figures a year, there was nothing much more that she could ever want, right? WRONG. She longed for a zest in her life, she needed to LIVE. […]

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    Jay-Z Announces A Free Concert For Tidal Subscribers!

    Jay Z is making sure to pull out all the stops for Tidal, the hip-hop mogul’s brand new music streaming service. It has been highly critiqued for its high streaming prices. It has been announced that on top of personally calling a number of Tidal users, Jay Z is rolling out a “free” concert for his […]

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    How To Be Your Own Boss & Trade Your Skills For Goods & Services

    Thanks to a new the  site Vendeve, you can be the boss and trade your own skills in exchange for goods and services that you need. Its founder and CEO, Katelyn Bourgoin, said that she made the site “for fearless, entrepreneurial women who want to unapologetically get shit done“. The most valuable part of Vendeve […]

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    Beware! Single Mom Fired For Facebook Post

    A single mother  who’d just landed a job at a daycare was fired before her first day for posting on Facebook about how much she hates working in childcare. Her new  employers got wind about the posting and told her not to bother coming in. PLEASE, for everyone out there, triple-check your privacy settings. The […]

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    Your Resume Typeface Matters To Potential Employers

    There was once a time where you actually had to type your résumé on paper. If you wanted it to look special you would haveneeded to find a letterpress shop to rework it into something special. In today’s world, we have access to countless typographic options at our fingertips… and yet, when it comes time to apply for […]

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    The First Female CEO In Google Images

    This ten-year-old image is the first female face Google pulls up in an image search for “CEO.” It can be found  down below ten rows of variations on Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and stock images of both male CEOs and paper signs that say “CEO”.  Several more all-male rows later, the first flesh-and-blood human woman […]

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    Victoria Secret Is To Become A Fast-Fashion Brand

    Victoria’s Secret Is Getting Into Fast Fashion The lingerie brand revealed to analysts that it is working on speeding up its design and restocking processes. “Basically almost all of our panties today are on some kind of speed program,” CEO Sharen Turney said in a conference call. “And those speed programs allow us to read the […]

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    Apple Watch Pre-Orders Are A Success

    There’s Much Expected Success From The Apple Watch According to pre-order projections from Slice Intelligence, a firm that tracks and projects US consumer spending through e-commerce email receipts, has spilled the beans on Apple’s newest gadget and says that the Apple Watch is on a solid start. Apple received almost one million US watch pre-orders on Friday, […]

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    The First Telemedicine Platform For Women Has Launched!

    Maven Launches The First Telemedicine Platform For Women  Today, Maven, a telemedicine app that caters to the healthcare needs of women, launches a beta with $2.2 million in seed funding. Investors such as Great Oaks Venture Capital, BoxGroup, F Cubed, and several angels including WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, former Gilt Groupe and AOL exec Susan Lyne, and Gerson founder Thomas Lehrman are […]