Spring Expenses That Make Your Money Disappear

Incoming  warm weather might bring with it weddings, vacations, and a host of spring cleaning to-dos. Some of these spring and summer expenses can go undetected. You should take time now to assess your budget, and adjust your finances where needed.

expenses1By storing clean, salt-free boots and freshly cleaned coats, you may even avoid the cost of replacement next season. Remember that winter is hard on your clothes and footwear, so before relegating your winter gear to the back of the closet, treat them to a trip to the dry cleaner or shoe repair shop. These upfront expenses may make you sigh, but you’ll save money in the long run. expenses2You need to do a quick check early in the spring season to make sure your AC will be ready to go when you want it operating at full force come July. Don’t sleep on it because every year gets hotter and hotter! Clearing out the vents can save you on energy costs. If you find you need to replace your unit, you should comparison shop now to find the best deal and avoid the early summer rush.expenses3Winter thaw may reveal some major home repair needs. Replacing gutters and repairing a leak to giving windows and walls a fresh washing and painting are just some one-time seasonal expenses add up. Put money aside now so that if any of these issues do crop up, your only worry will be getting it fixed, and not how you’ll pay for the repair.

expenses4Whether you’re the maid of honor or just a plus one, the cost of attending weddings can add up quickly. Think about it:  travel expenses, accommodations, dresses, makeup, and gifts , every wedding is bound to be a hit on your wallet.

Source: Refinery29