So You Thought Christina Hendricks’ Lips Were The Color Red?

What Color Is Christina Hendricks’ Lips?

AP Images

Christina Hendricks confesses to the real color of her lip stick! Yes we all have been dying to know what color is it and where does she get it.

“Everyone goes, ‘Joan has a signature red lip,’ but it’s actually a pale pink color so it must come across more red onscreen,” Christina Hendricks tells Pret-a-Reporter¬†of the camera trick that turns Laura Mercier’s soft pink Baby Lips lipstick ($24) to crimson on Mad Men.

She’s been wearing it even before she appeared on Mad Men. “Even before I started Mad Men, I wore my makeup like [Joan], very similar. I’ve always liked a lash line and I asked if I could keep wearing the lipstick,” she says at the launch of Birchbox‘s Mad Men-inspired beauty product boxes, which are available now and include both a men’s and women’s edition ($10).

Hendrick’s personal products aren’t very much different from what her character int he show uses.¬† “If I’m just running around and want a simple, quick look, I wear a cream blush, tinted lip balm like Burt’s Bees ($7) or Fresh ($23), and mascara,” she says. As for the simple glamour Joan exudes on the show: “Very early on, Matt Weiner said he wanted us to look natural in the office.”